Your Best Laid Plans For Getting An Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring requires more than knowledge of the 4 Cs. Perhaps even more importantly is the preference of the intended recipient. Most women will look at hundreds of rings in catalogs, magazines and jewelry stores before deciding which style is perfect. Some women prefer other precious gemstones and opt for emeralds, sapphires, rubies, or some other favorite gem. Part of the process of selecting which ring to buy is determining which ones are the most appealing to HER.

When the Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented his intended, Mary of Burgundy, with a wedding ring alternatives in 1477, he started a trended that has spanned the centuries. Of course, the Archduke didn’t have to worry about things like rent, car payments, and taxes. As a general rule of thumb, the average beau spends two months’ salary on a wedding ring alternatives. This translates to about five to seven thousand dollars.

One carat might cost anywhere from ,500 – ,000, and that is only for the stone. You will have to factor in the expense of the band, the setting, and any other stones that you want. Only a few people have enough money to spend ,000 on a ring, so do not feel compelled to do so, unless you have a large amount of money in the bank.

The Dawson Creek star was given a 5-carat ring said to be worth .5 million dollars! It was given to her by none other than Tom Cruise, after their very first date – yes, Tom was such a stalker to Katie. The couple later married in Italy, year 2006.

If you can manage, do propose her in full public view. A place like a theater will be the best option. If you get the permission from the manager, pop up the question during the break. It will be an unique experience not only for you two, but also for the audience in the theater.

Many people love diamonds set in white gold. For the clearest, whitest diamonds this is the best choice, as it does not add color to the diamond. It allows the beauty to shine through, undiminished.

The design or shape of this cushion cut is kind of rectangular or almost square. It is very elegant to look at and it costs a lot. The more brilliant the diamond, the more expensive it will be. It has rounded corners with larger facets to enhance the clarity and increase the brilliant sparkle of the diamond.