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Prior to shopping, do some reconnaissance work. What does your fiancee-to-be really like when it comes to jewelry? Start by investigating what she wears now. Does she have a style of her own? Does she lean toward classic and traditional pieces or contemporary and bold pieces? If you have no idea what any of that even means, start by doing some research online. Find some pictures of items that are similar to things you have seen her wear and identify the style. Pay attention to the comments she makes regarding other people’s jewelry or the pieces you see in stores, on television, or in films. Gather as much information as you can.

The gift you will carry will tell her about the depth of your love. Hence, the suitable gift that you may present to her would be an engagement ring. This, surely, will help you get into her heart. However, the ring that you will be gifting her must contain all your feelings.

A long time ago in India, diamonds have been treasured because they are used as religious icons. Buddha also included in his teachings that a diamond can be used to show the truth. Christians though associated diamonds to paganism, explaining why diamonds were not worn in Europe for a long time.

Diamonds are colorless. But most of the times, people regarded them as white. The truth is diamonds actually have a trace of a subtle color. It could be the shade of brown or yellow tones. The color grades begin at D continuing up to Z. D is the highest quality with the clearest color and highest value.

Rinse the engagement ring carefully to remove all the soapy suds. Don’t simply hold it in your fingers under the water or you might find yourself taking the drain apart to search for your ring! You can put the ring in a small strainer and run the water through that to make sure all the soap gets washed off. Finally, take a lint free jeweler cloth and pat the ring dry.

In case if you are looking for wedding ring alternatives for your lady love then you must follow the 4C’S of diamond that is cut, colour, carat and clarity. This is one of the most important factors which you must never miss if you are looking for a perfect diamond ring. The 4C’S of diamond will not only help you to determine the quality of diamond but also plays a very important role in the price.

Princess cut diamonds are perhaps the most popular of the fancy shaped diamonds. These diamonds refer to diamonds whose face has been crafted in rectangular or square shape. Such diamond earrings are a timeless classic, as they always retain the dazzle.

The design or shape of this cushion cut is kind of rectangular or almost square. It is very elegant to look at and it costs a lot. The more brilliant the diamond, the more expensive it will be. It has rounded corners with larger facets to enhance the clarity and increase the brilliant sparkle of the diamond.